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Geo Magic Colour lens

Angel Series

Nudy series

Magic Colour 2-tone

*only power 0.00

- Conventional Lens
for anyone who need a normal lens!

Lux -Pro - Blue & Violet
Available in Power ~
[power -1.00 to -9.00]

RX-3 - Aqua color
Available in Power ~
[power -1.00 to -15.00]

RX-View - Blue
Available in Power ~
[power -1.00 to -9.00]


eVie said...

CM 834 + CH 625 how much? I'm very interested

kit said...

wanted Nudy Brown ( CH624 )...how to order

Anonymous said...

how much if i buy CH621+CH623+CH624 N CH625..no power..how to oder?

Anonymous said...

h0w t0 0rder?i want that nudy br0wn ch624

JJ-Lens said...

Hello Lovies,
Don't leave comment here as we seldom check comment.
anything please email to jj.leehouse@gmail.com

Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

hw many diameter for angel grey?

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The delivery of lenses?
Pre-order: within 4 days after payment made (wholesale only).
Ready stock: within 3days after payment.
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