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Hi dear all,

Please don't feel hesitate to drop down your comment ya, we really need your feedback for further improvement. We do appreciate it. Thanks! :)

Have a nice day! :D



LeeHouse said...

I tried leaving feedback, but it wouldn't let me???
If you want to post this, you can:

JJ (Jo?) is really sweet, she replied to all my questions (I ordered from America, so there were alot of questions about shipping/ timing/ payment..) and she even gave me some free lens cases =^.^= Her prices were fare, and she didn't charge almost anything extra from what GEO charges (plus you dont have to get 200 peices to get that price!) Though she was alittle hard to understand for me (her English isn't bad though), she sent tracking and emails telling when she received the order from GEO and when she shipped them out. Very sweet girl, I recomend her!
~ Amber K.

puiyee said...

she's a nice dealer and patiently answer all her customer's questions. cheap price are giver, JJ is the best ^^

iwan said...

i agreed 175% !

Azreen Syaheeda said...

it was very easy to place an order with JJ-Lens. I ordered ready stock lenses so the transaction was very quick. The lenses were shipped a day after I made payment so I only had to wait for about 3 days till I received the item from the day I ordered. Item was received in good condition. Thank you! Will definitely order from JJ-Lens again!

Miss Trading said...

Hi.. i am sorry. i dunO y i cnt place my msg in Cbox..
so can u sent the wholesale detail to my email? miss_trading0606@hotmail.com

thx.. about the price. thx

Anonymous said...

if i want 25 pairs of nudy brown
and 25 pairs of nudy gray
and 25 pairs of ck 105 the black on

and what about shipping to the United Arab Emirates Dubai ??

how much it will be?? by US dollar plz

to contact me


Anonymous said...

I would like to say I will buy from JJ again!!!As the Jo is a good dealer!She ans all my questions n send the contact lens fast!Thx Jo....Of coz,JJ price is cheaper than others...This is important right??hehe ><

ps:sorry Jo....now only I leave a feedback!Never check mail!!!

BY:Akanishi Matsumi

Bobby said...

I do have several business transaction with her. I'm smiling when someone try to drop her reputation. Well, dear lovers, why dont you try to key in the digit available in anti-fake sticker. If you have affection, maybe your eyes do not suit well. Cheap doesnt mean fake. But she's giving us reasonable price.

JJ-Lens said...

Hi, v din hav any mail bout who doesn't get her/his lens for bout 2 weeks ... and y all spammer always love to keep secret on their contact details 1 @.@ lik tis v cant do on it also ?? BTW, thanks for all of ur spamming ...remind us mus take more attention on posting and tracking...=)

sandy said...

Hi there! sandy here =] though i waited quite long for it, not jocelyn's fault,but post man's due they didnt leave the note for me, a week later i finally got em! thanks jj =D definately will buy from u again n recommend to my friends!
love ya!

maggie lieu said...

OK, so the transaction was dealt quickly and convienetly. JJ lens is on msn messenger alot so my answers were answered quickly. The payment was dealt through western union with no problem and the lenses arrived just over a week after batch closed.
also she threw in some free lens cases so im increadibly pleased with my purchase and will be buying again in the future. xx

Vivi Bory said...

Hi there JJ. I don't know how I can contact you so I guess this is the only way. I would like to purchase a wholesale amount of 25 pairs.. Hopefully of what you already have in stock since I want them pretty soon. I was wondering if you could email me back with a response and we could chat further. My email is kutedragonbabe@gmail.com

Diana Ariffin said...

Hi hi, JJ is really really sweet & replies all my questions. Her prices were fare & she sent tracking numbers & emails telling when she received the order & when she shipped them out. But sometimes she forgot to sent tracking numbers.*so nvr forget to sent it nxt time ok :P.. However she done a very good job, so I truly recommend her a good seller!Keep up a good work JJ ^.^v

pinz. said...

heyz, please check your email. i've emailed about pre-ordering for this batch. thanks.

Kristle Alexandra said...

JJ is the only place I buy lens coz JJ is super awesome dealer.. Easy to deal with and most importantly she answer all my questions so it's really easy to communicate with her.. Moreover, the lenses all are sold in reasonable prize and lots of cute and pretty lens to choose.. JJ will definitely be the one and only dealer lens for me! You will be seeing more of my name JJ.. *wink wink* oh.. thanx for giving the best service.. =)

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